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Telavaid™ COVID-19 Tele-Education

Telavaid™ is a platform for medical professionals seeking advice regarding COVID-19 from clinicians around the world through tele-consult. Telavaid™ is currently live at a number of  hospitals across India.

Volunteer For Telavaid™

If you are a clinician interested in volunteering for Telavaid™, please fill out our volunteer form, and we will get back to you!

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Contact Telavaid™

If you are a part of a hospital / clinic in India, and are interested in Telavaidtele-education services, please fill following form. We will reach out to you soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is sponsoring this volunteer effort?
The non-profit Care Inc. ( is providing legal and administrative support.The non-profit Pathcheck Foundation is providing volunteers to help with website, marketing, and administrative support. During the COVID-19 crisis, Teladoc Health has donated their healthcare IT communication platform.
How does Telavaid™ work?
  1. An India-based clinician seeking clinical education regarding COVID-19 calls the designated phone number, which gets routed to Teladoc Health’s call-center service.

  2. Before a call can route to the US-based volunteer clinician-on-call, the clinician seeking clinical education will hear a recorded message stating the purpose of the call and a disclaimer waiving any right to liability on behalf of the clinician-on-call, Teladoc Health and/or organizations involved in this humanitarian effort.

  3. The call will automatically get routed to the telephone number of a volunteer clinician-educator accepting calls.

  4. The on-call clinician-educator may decide to accept or decline the call. If the call is not answered, the call is routed to the next-on call volunteer clinician-educators in the rotary database.

  5. After connecting to the volunteer clinician, over-the-phone clinical education can take place.

Will my conversations be recorded?
Yes, all conversations are recorded per Teladoc Health’s operating and quality assurance procedures.
May I be contacted with a survey?

Yes, participants may be contacted for feedback, quality improvement, and research purposes.

As a clinician in India, how can I use this service?
The service is provided through the India based hospitals and is contingent upon an agreement being signed between individual hospitals & Care Inc. Only the clinicians in India who are associated with the contracted hospitals will have access to the phone number for this service. We ask that this number not be shared with other clinicians outside of partnering hospitals, as we have a specific system in place for expanding our services.
Where can I find out more information on Telavaid™?

This webpage has all latest details of our initiative. Please email if you have any questions.



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