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About CARE Inc

The impact of COVID in our daily lives is not just palpable but has laid bare our deepest fears of calamity. Amidst the interlocking grip of COVID, schools are closed, transportation stalled, logistics affected- there is a huge demand, but supply chains cannot deliver.

COVID-19 is racing rapidly to gain the dubious victory for the most deaths in living history. Our lives have spiraled down to an eternal loop of chaos and even as we shudder in the “belly of the beast”, there is a ray of hope that provides the possibility of an exit strategy. Never in the history of times, has there been a strikingly singular cause that could only be overcome by the collective efforts of humanity.

The only way to redeem this ‘hope’ is by chugging along the train of rational possibilities and unraveling the world of data sciences.

So how do we come together not just to endure but to overcome this unprecedented challenge? By leveraging the triad of data, technology and education. The journey begins with the exploration of the tangible problems from COVID that can be converted into problem statements in general, including the impact or adversity of a specific problem, the scope, and links to public domain data sets to find possible solutions.

It is this self-evident solution for the way forward, enabling us to move from the station of darkness to the destination life, liberty and happiness.


Our vision is to solve problems from COVID-19 through inspiring collaborations and data innovations.


CARE is built on the commitment to provide the necessary efforts and resources​ in addressing the urgent needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goals and Objectives
  • Forge a collaborative platform where students and data professionals can collaborate with doctors and academic experts to conduct research on COVID-19 and disseminate emerging knowledge.
  • Ensure that healthcare workers are equipped with tools and up-to-date data to fight COVID-19.
  • Facilitate access to relevant data sources and educational tools required for solving COVID-19 related problems.
  • Assimilate with the larger efforts in the global fight against COVID-19.

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